About Me...

I am currently the Information Systems Director for a company called Environmental Consulting & Technology, Inc.. I've been working there since July 2006 and I really enjoy what I do. I maintain a network consisting of 20 servers that provide file and print services, email services based on SMTP, POP3, and IMAP, FTP services, DNS, DHCP and Active Directory. Together with another admin I manage our remote sites using remote desktop applications from our Gainesville office.

ECT has a lot of offices. Some are located in Gainesville, Tampa, Jacksonville, Tallahassee, Ft. Lauderdale and New Smyrna Beach. We have Michigan Offices are located in Ann Arbor, Clinton Township, Benton Harbor, Lansing, and Traverse City. We also have an office in Iowa City, Iowa, Raleigh and Chicago. We also recently opened a new office in Boxborough, Massachusetts. We have approximately 230 employees and we are always looking for Engineers and Scientists who work in areas pertaining to Air, Ecology, Geology, Hydrology, and Licensing.

A lot of the things ECT does involves Computer Aided Drafting & Design (CADD) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Technology. Our company models air and water flow, the concentration of polutants, waste and other products. We, among other things, evaluate and recommend to a client where they can and cannot build or where the most effective way to route a powerline is. We have large variety of clients from the private sector all the way to the federal government.

Overall, I stay fairly busy at work. If you can get me on the phone, you're lucky. I overwork my assistant sys admin, and I'm quite sure he thinks I'm evil incarnate and that I assume he should know everything that there is to know about I.T., well, almost everything.

On the lighter side of life, i.e. home, I have a wonderful Wife, Cheryl, who has been nothing but patient and loving with me. I'm not the easiest person to live with, but I always strive to learn and grow in a relationship. I'm a fairly relaxed individual and don't worry too much. It's always been my belief that as long as I am healthy and alive... things must be good. She on the other hand is the responsible one always worrying about all things, because if she doesn't no one will. I think it's a well balanced relationship! If we can continue to meet each other somewhere near a middle ground things will always be great.

My wife and I also took a 420 hour clinical hypnotherapy course and we're both licensed hypnotherapists. I however, don't really use it much, but do apply a lot of the principles I learned throughout the various topics in my daily life. Things such as positivity, to avoid negative phrases, to promote wellness and mental wellbeing or the ability to put myself into a hypnotic state to relax, learn and expand my mind. I also really enjoy Taijiquan. No, not the kind old people do in parks... I do the real kind that you can beat people up with and get healthy with. HAHAHA

Below find what I've done in my life. Maybe it'll give you, the reader, an idea of some of my experiences in life.


  • 2013, September – Visited Beijing, Hangzhou, Suzhou and Shangai, China
  • 2008, August – Visit to Portland, Seattle, and some cities in Alaska
  • 2007, May – Visit to Cairo, Aswan and Luxor, Egypt
  • 2000 to Present – Gainesville, FL USA
  • 1998, Mar – Niceville, FL USA
  • 1998, Jan – Las Vegas, NV USA
  • 1998, Jan – Separated from U.S. Navy with a Honorable Discharge
  • 1997, Mar – Los Angeles Forest, CA USA (5th RR, JTF Counter-Drug Ops)
  • 1997, Feb – Camp Pendleton, CA USA (5th Regimental Recon)
  • 1996, Mar – El Centro, CA USA (3/5 STA, JTF-6 Immigration/Counter-Drug Ops)
  • 1995, Nov – Camp Pendleton, CA USA (3/5 STA)
  • 1995, Jul – Vladivostok, Russia (3/5 STA, USS Belleauwood)
  • 1995, Jul – Pusan, Korea (3/5 STA, USS Belleauwood)
  • 1995, Apr – Okinawa, Japan (3/5 STA, USS Belleauwood)
  • 1994, Dec – Camp Pendleton, CA (3/5 Marines, H&S STA Platoon)
  • 1994, May – Camp Pendleton, CA (13ABC, EOD/Range Medic, EMT)
  • 1993, Jul – San Diego, CA (U.S. Navy - RTC/Hospital Corps School)
  • 1990 – Fort Monmouth/Eatontown, NJ USA
  • 1989 – Biloxi, MS USA
  • 1987 – Hutschenhausen, Germany
  • 1983 – Ramstein, Germany (No, not Rammstein the band, but close!)
  • 1979 – Weilerbach, Germany
  • 1974 – Gross-Umstadt/Taunusstein, Germany

Of course, I've also visited my family in Germany a few times throughout that time period.