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Grandfather Information 

I have finally laid to rest my vigilant journey to find information about my deceased grandfather's German military history. My search had started approximately 8 years ago, with me asking parents, aunts and uncles, cousins, and nephews about any possible shreds of information they might have had. But, since my grandfather had always refused to talk about World War 2 and what transpired during his time of service, none of us really knew what he had done during the war.

In April of 2004, I decided to let professionals handle the matter and sent in a request to a government agency called Deutsche Dienststelle (WASt). Over time I forgot that I had put in this request, (which was free if no information would be found by them), and tonight I received a piece of snail mail from Berlin. Initially I thought I received some type of spam/scam mail, but then I noticed my grandfathers name and immediately remembered that I had sent off that request in April. Let's just say I was thrilled, amazed, but also saddened at my grandfather's tour of duty in WW2, and could not believe that I actually received a response from WASt. Well, without further ado...

A tribute to my beloved grandfather: Emil Wolf

Original Homepage 

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Panzer Website 

Here is a website I coded while I was taking Web Authoring I.